FREE Worldwide Flight Schedules on Your Website or Blog!

Innovata’s Affiliate Quicktrip Timetable is the only FREE airline flight timetable service available from the Internet, that contains up-to-date schedules on more than 800 airlines - including Low Fare Carriers.

Updated weekly, the Affiliate Quicktrip Timetable service allows our partners to display worldwide schedules, or schedules for a fixed departure or arrival point (airport, city or country for example) making it ideal for websites with a regional or local focus. Your site visitors are presented with enriched content, a high degree of search functionality, and travel planning options with “intelligent” booking links.

The Affiliate Quicktrip Timetable also includes revenue sharing through our booking partners. Additionally, we offer co-branding designed to generate a new level of interest and excitement around your products and services. Choose from 3 travel widgets, a variety of links or graphic buttons to add to your website or blog. 

It is easy to become an affiliate!  If you have a travel, tourism or transportation Industry-related website with active visitors, simply complete the form below and agree to the terms and conditions.  If you would like more information, please email

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