QuickTrip.com FAQs

What is a Non-stop Flight?
Flights to a destination with no planned intermediate stops.

What is a Direct Flight?
A direct flight has a single flight number (or code-share number) and may have one or more intermediate stops before arriving at the final destination. An intermediate may stop in an intermediate city but you do not have to get off the plane and the flight number stays the same.

What is a Connecting Flight?
A connecting flight has an intermediate stop and a change of aircraft and possibly a change of airlines.

What is a Code Share agreement?
A codeshare agreement, sometimes simply codeshare, is an aviation business arrangement where two or more airlines share the same flight. A seat can be purchased on one airline but is actually operated by a cooperating airline under a different flight number or code. The term "code" refers to the identifier used in flight schedule, generally the two-character IATA airline designator code and flight number. Thus, XX123, flight 123 operated by the airline XX, might also be sold by airline YY as YY456 and by ZZ as ZZ9876. It allows greater access to cities through a given airline's network without having to offer extra flights, and makes connections simpler by allowing single bookings across multiple planes. Most major airlines today have code sharing partnerships with other airlines and code sharing is a key feature of the major airline alliances.

Under a code sharing agreement, the airline that actually operates the flight (the one providing the plane, the crew and the ground handling services) is called the operating carrier. The company or companies that sell tickets for that flight but do not actually operate it are called marketing carriers.

What does One-Way mean?
A one way flight is from location to destination. No return flight information is provided.

What are 3 letter airport codes?
The 3 letter airport code is designating many airports around the world is defined by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The characters prominently displayed on baggage tags attached at airport check-in desks are an example of how codes are used.

What if I have a question about my airline ticket or reservation?
QuickTrip.com utilizes a 3rd-party booking company. Please contact the airline or travel vendor from which your tickets were purchased.